Melanie Solmos is the founder and president of Verde, LLC.

Ms. Solmos has spent her career working with engineers, general contractors, and waste management professionals to plan and sell services which further develop industry and infrastructure.  Her educational background is technical; however, her talents lie in sales, marketing, strategic planning, and government relations.

“Communication and Creativity are the keys to success.” insists Ms. Solmos.

“Communication:  Often there is a need to convert technical information into words that are both clear AND interesting to people who are not within the field i.e. Mayors, Town Councilmen, etc.  If the message is not clear and convincing, often the project is lost.

Creativity:  Infrastructure is a necessity of the modern world.  When government budgets don’t allow for investment, the private sector must present options and opportunities to keep moving forward,” she concludes.

As the Business Development Manager for Bowen Engineering and the Regulatory Ombudsman for the Indiana Department of Commerce, she demonstrated her ability to analyze and understand numerous businesses in order to effectively address their needs.   Prior to founding Verde, she served as the Director of Sales, Marketing, and Strategic Planning for New England Organics; a residuals management company operating in the northeastern U.S.

“Ms. Solmos is a persuasive, self confident leader with a high aptitude for abstract reasoning.  She believes in harnessing people’s strengths to achieve the desired results.  By constantly striving to define solutions, recognize key partners, formulate action plans and lead those plans to execution she produces results which always exceed expectations.” – James Ecker, General Manager of New England Organics.

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